How it works ?

Nothing more simple

1.     You choose your Bundle

2.    You transmit to us your request via the tab « ask for rent »

3.    You will received a confirmation mail with a link for the payment via Payment Card or Credit Transfer.


1  Dashboard

2  Handbrake

3  Main switch for cruise control et speed limiter ON/OFF

4 ECO Mod activation command

5  Cruise control and speed limiter command

6  Renault Card Reader


1  Horn and place for the airbag

2 Hazard lights command

3  Ignition switch

4  Engine hood unlock command

5  Command for charge door and release the charging cable

6 Electrical for the height of the headlight

7 Rheostat for the light of control units

8 Activation and selection of flashings


1  Multimedia touch-screen display

2  Electrical condamnation of windows

3  Air freshener

4  Accessory plug

5  Heating or air conditioning command