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Tack the Top Read widget onto your Home screen, and you will see an intriguing list of the most popular Wikipedia articles at any given time. Drop in a comment and let us know. It’s beautifully designed and comes with a large collection of widgets. Best Widgets Apps for iOS 14 Home Screen on iPhone. ... For your iPhone Home Screen, check out our list of the best widgets for iOS 14. The Multiple Posts Widget and the Post Feed Grid, for example, are perfect examples of how widgets should be built in iOS 14. The larger-sized Weather Line widget, for … One of the most popular apps of the iOS 14 widget-craze, Widgetsmith lets you create custom widgets to display things like the date, weather, photos, custom text, or … Documents by Readdle is a comprehensive file manager that puts the iPhone’s native Files app to shame, letting you manage, read, listen, view, and annotate files (as well as do a ton of other stuff) easily. Though widgets on iPhone arrived way back in iOS 8 (WWDC 2014), they had been quite limited in terms of functionality. But it also can display the time in multiple cities and gives you easy access to Clock app. Dark Noise costs $5.99. Birch is a third-party photo app that lets you organize images with notes. Additionally, you can also long-press on an app icon. Aviary will help you do that. How about reading a positive statement each time you head into the Home screen? Widgetsmith is rather rough around the edges, but it’s an app that’s definitely worth checking out. You will see the widgets here. Your widgets can have up to four functions in one, and everything about them can be customized, including colors and style. Weather Line is a pretty popular and useful app, but its iOS 14 widget takes things to the next level. CARROT Weather is one of the best weather apps in the App Store and with the recent update, it’s getting iOS 14 widget support. You can also change things like colors for your blocks if you want to add a personal touch to your widget. Unlike HabitMinder, though, the app costs $4.99. It also comes with a Featured Photos widget that lets you plaster any photo of your choosing on the Home screen. PDF Expert is a comprehensive app that lets you accomplish any task PDF-related — as long as you are willing to upgrade from the free version. The newest iOS update from Apple added several features that allow users to better customize their experience on iPhone. For example, you could have a weather widget show up in the morning when you wake up, a calendar widget when you want to get work done, etc. Don’t forget that you can also set Spark Mail as the default email client on your iPhone — head over to Settings > Spark > Default Mail App and select Spark on the list that follows. Weather Line offers some of the most-detailed weather widgets on the iPhone home screen running iOS 14. Procedure. Many of Apollo’s updates focus on the kind of nit-picky features and tweaks that heavy users of the app and platform care about. Since you can now have widgets on your Home screen with iOS 14, several third-party developers have created widget customization apps that let users create their own personalized widgets, which can be paired perfectly with custom app icons. In Widgetsmith, you start with three different sized widgets, which you can customize to your liking. Unwind is an app that helps you focus, relax, and sleep better with use of breathing exercises. Keep updating them regularly, and you should start seeing new widgets crop up in the widgets gallery all the time. If you’ve updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 14, you might notice the option to add widgets - or snippets of visual information that come in a variety of sizes - among your iPhone home screen. To top things up, you also gets widgets that relay your daily mindfulness stats with a matching background image. The third-party email client Spark comes with several widgets that can show information such as your latest messages and upcoming calendar events. You also get widgets that link to popular subreddits such as Showerthoughts and Jokes. The Widgetsmith app offers three different sizes for widgets for you to use the one to your liking. Apple's iOS 14 has brought home screen widgets to the iPhone. When Apple made iOS 14 available earlier this month, many users were excited to see a slew of new features to work with. Apple offers a collection of native widgets, while there are also a number of third-party widget design apps … They are definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t an active Reddit user. It doesn’t do anything crazy, but shows you a photo taken from the ‘On This Day’ and ‘Recent Photos’ categories. Weather Line. And with a collection of over five Home screen widgets, you should have a much easier time tracking how well you are faring. So it should come as no surprise that in building iOS 14 widgets for Apollo, Selig took inspiration from some of the things people love most about Reddit. iOS 14 introduced detail-rich and resizable widgets that not only work in Today View but also within the Home screen itself. What is the orange dot on the iPhone on iOS 14? They remained tied at the Today View screen and hardly offered any customization. The fantastic task management app Things 3 (costs $9.99) comes with up to five live widgets that you can configure to display any task list that you want to keep an eye out on. You can quickly view an automatically updating list of one to four tweets (depending on the widget size) from your Twitter timeline. If you aren’t pleased with the pre-made widgets, you … Customization features include time, weather, astronomy, and more options. The date-focused note-taking app Agenda comes with three different widgets sizes that help you keep track of upcoming notes. Compared to the native iOS 14 Weather widgets, the ones from Weather Line not only look catchy and interesting but also provide lots of weather-related information at a glance. It also comes with ten different Home screen widgets to help make that easier. It comes with over ten different widgets, but the best pick is the Actions widget that lets you access the app’s best features in a jiffy — Music, Browser, Wi-Fi Transfer, etc. So without any further ado, let’s go through a list of the best third-party widgets that you can get on your iPhone right now. Let’s check out some of the best Widget apps for the iPhone. The free version of Widgeridoo lets you preview widgets, but to customize and add widgets to your home screen, you’ll have to upgrade to the $3.99 Pro plan. Positive affirmations aside, you can also get your daily dose of motivational quotes with the Home screen widgets from the Motivation – Daily Quotes app. The whole idea of making cool home screens, including changing app icons to color widgets that you even schedule, has made people fan of the new update.As the widgets are still new the iOS, not every favorite app of yours has support for them, as we saw with the Spotify app too. However, the Emails and Actions widget is the best of the lot. We’ve rounded up the eight best iOS 14 widgets in this guide. Color Widgets is one of the best third-party iOS 14 home screen widgets that I have come across. The habit-forming app Tangerine features multiple widgets that help you keep tabs on your daily goals. The Best Home Screen Widgets for Your iPhone 1. Shazam We have listed our best third-party apps to customize your iPhone’s Home Screen pages. ; Color Widgets: With the help of this iOS 14 widgets app you can customize widget with some new colors and even add images to background. You get to choose widget sizes, modify font types, change background colors, and so on. Compared to the native iOS 14 Weather widgets, the ones from Weather Line not only look catchy and interesting but also provide lots of weather-related information at a glance. If you hate rummaging through the App Store looking for third-party apps with top-notch widget support, do not worry — we’ve done the hard work for you. iOS 14 ändert das und guckt sich damit ein beliebtes Android-Feature ab. It also comes with a number of Home screen widgets that let you keep a close eye on your purchases. Unlike Nudget, Copilot is a personal finance app that’s free to install (although it still has in-app purchases). Your widgets can be up and running on your Home screen instantly. The new widgets provide users with animated information upon unlocking the iPhone. Here's our roundup of the best and most useful iOS 14 widgets, from the fun to the productive. We are still early on in the iOS 14 release cycle, so don’t be disappointed if your favorite apps lack widget support. An iOS device running iOS 14; Color Widgets | Download Link; Related: How to Get Spotify Widget on iOS 14. Hopefully, by the time iOS 14 finally launches in the fall, a swath of popular apps will have new widgets available as well that can truly take advantage of iOS 14's capabilities. The catch — Aviary costs $4.99. Poll: How Satisfied Are You with iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Battery Life. If you want an app with a simple interface, Color Widgets is the one for you. Apollo, a popular third-party app on the App Store, has nailed the widget implementation with the iOS 14 update. There’s also the Section widget, which allows you to set exactly what you want to see there. They come in three sizes: a small square that takes up the same space as four apps, a larger rectangle that takes up a wider eight app icons and a giant square that uses up the same area as 16 apps. With the release of iOS 14, the Home Screen customization is easier than ever, so much so that the widget apps for iPhone saw an astronomic rise within the first week of the iOS release. If you use OneDrive for your photo backups, then it’s worth checking the OneDrive widget. It even lets you view more information at the tap of a button. Download and launch the Color Widgets app on your iOS device. Apple Music offers a single Recently Played widget available in three sizes, but the widgets from Marvis Pro go beyond that. iOS 14 introduced a ton of new features to the iPhone including widgets on the Home screen, the App Library, automatic automation in shortcuts, and more. Plus, it’s also quite good in terms of customization. It also lets you schedule widgets to appear on the Home screen at different times of the day. You can easily add, remove, or rearrange them. The latest iOS 14 allows users can add more animated and personalized widgets on their Home Screen pages which can be placed among the apps. The third-party Reddit client Apollo comes with an astounding 15 widgets that let you keep tabs on the latest posts from your Reddit feed. It is an app that makes photos you want into widgets of the size you want. Things you will need. The app is available on the App Store for $5.99 as a one-time purchase. If you’ve just updated to iOS 14, you might have noticed that there are new home screen widgets that provide extra information at a glance. The best apps with Home Screen widgets for iOS 14. However, Soor comes with a price tag of $4.99. WaterMinder, built by the same folk behind HabitMinder, lets you keep tabs on your water intake habits. Before you head over to the App Store to install it, just be prepared to shell out $1.99. Now, let's take a look at some of the best third-party widgets that you can download right now in iOS 14. You can customize these the way you like. Here is a list of iOS 14 apps with Home Screen widgets, Learn to easily add and remove widgets on an iPhone Home screen, Volkswagen CEO welcomes Apple Car gracefully, says it will be a bigger threat than traditional rivals, Apple Car could give competition to Tesla – says analyst from Morgan Stanley, Apple Car report adds more than $100 billion to company’s market value in a few days, Apple starts welcoming developers to its Small Business Program. This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Apple has just released the iOS 14 software update and it is now available for download. You’re going to love using this widget in iOS 14. Since more and more companies will be providing widgets, we’ll update our list often so that you can see the best ones as they arrive. There are a ton of tools in Widgetsmith that are there to help you create the perfect widgets on your iPhone Home screen. You also use what’s dubbed the Single Sound widget to start a track with a pre-configured timer and volume setting. Unlike the other apps on this list, Widgetsmith lets you build you own widgets by pulling information from Weather, Calendar, Reminders, Photos, and Health.

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